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Raat Akeli Hai (The Night Is Lonely) is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language crime drama film directed by Honey Trehan. Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Shweta Tripathi, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Nishant Dahiya, Gyanendra Tripathi, Ila Arun, Swanand Kirkire, Nitesh Kumar Tiwari and Aditya Srivastava, the film follows a small-town cop who is summoned to investigate the death of a elderly family member. Produced by Abhishek Chaubey and Ronnie Screwvala, Raat Akeli Hai was released on Netflix on 31 July 2020.

Plot: The film starts with a car being followed by a truck and truck hits the car. The car flips over. A man alights and brutally kills both the driver and the lady who were in the car. Killer takes the bodies to a factory and burns them with acid. While doing so, he accidentally gets acid spilled on his hand. The titles roll.

5 years Later, Inspector Jatil Yadav is seen attending the wedding of his colleague Narendra Singh where his mother is desperately searching for a girl to set him up with for marriage. Jatil is irate and embarrassed and rushes his mother home to avoid further interferences into his personal life. While eating a meal, Jatil gets called up by the SSP to investigate a high-profile murder of a rich aristocrat named Raghuveer Singh. Jatil learns that Raghuveer was murdered by his own gun on his wedding night and is further intrigued by the family’s silence and lack of knowledge on the matter. Something seems fishy. Could it be an insider job? Jatil Yadav is first introduced to the family by Ramesh Chauhan, brother of Raghuveer Singh’s first wife (who was murdered 5 years ago). Members of Raghuveer’s family include his 2 children – Karuna Singh (daughter of Raghuveer Singh) and Karan (son of Raghuveer Singh), Chunni (the maid of the house), Pramila Singh (wife of Raghuveer Singh’s brother and Raghuveer Singh’s sister-in-law), Vasudha and Vikram Singh (daughter and son of Pramila), Ravi Sisodia – the volatile husband of Karuna and Radha – the young bride of Raghuveer Singh. Starting the interrogation, it is revealed to Jatil that Vikram was the first one to discover Raghuveer’s dead body. As per Vikram’s story, he went to drop his fiancĂ©e (daughter of the notorious MLA Munna Raja) at around 9:30 and returned around 11:15 and then took the ladies of the house to a temple at 12:30 after which he says that he saw his uncle Raghuveer dead. He also says that there was baraat crossing in-front of the house at 10:30. Jatil eventually finds out about back stairs which connects directly to a water tank and wonders if that route was used to carry out any hokey business. During Jatil’s investigation, he begins to question Radha. Jatil develops a soft corner for her as something tells him that she is being made a scapegoat by Raghuveer’s family. Radha is treated like an outsider and whore by the family who resents her. After first refusing to cooperate, Radha remembers something that connects her to Jatil and gives the chit to Chunni to pass to Jatil. On the chit, the address of Radha is written and he distinctly remembers that he had saved Radha 5 years earlier, when she attempted suicide by jumping off a train. This further leads him to believe that Radha is an innocent and emotionally disturbed girl who is getting caught in the crossfire of what seems to be developing into an insidious plot. Further during his investigation, Jatil finds out that Raghuveer’s first wife was killed during a robbery when she was coming back from Gwalior towards Kanpur. But what is really a robbery or a cold blooded murder? Jatil wants to find out. Jatil also learns that Raghuveer’s son Karan had once been apprehended with drugs. Jatil realises that there’s more to Raghuveer’s complicated family than what meets the eye.

Next Day, during the investigation, Jatil finds erotic magazines in Raghuveer’s cupboard and some photos of women and plastic bead below the bed. He also learns that Radha was sold by her father and one of the photos is of Radha with a bruised back which he found earlier. Radha continues to refrain to tell anything to Jatil. Later, Munna Raja comes in after Ravi Sisodia calls him in response to Jatil’s no-nonsense investigation style. While investigating the manor, Jatil also spots a senile old lady who was earlier the maid of house. The old maid’s son was the driver when Raghuveer’s first wife was returning from Gwalior to Kanpur and she is grandmother of Chunni.

Jatil continues to investigate. Forensics tell Jatil that Raghuveer was murdered between 10pm and 12pm with his own gun and blunt marks were due to because he was hit by butt of the same gun. Phone records reveal that Vikram received a phone call from his uncle at 11:30 and many phone calls from an unknown number which is of Radha. No fingerprints were found on gun as well as from the Raghuveer’s phone. During interrogation with Chunni he finds she was the one who took the lamp up to Raghuveer’s room and came back with the lamp which broke down on the stairs. She also refrains from telling anything but she tells he couldn’t even see her father who died in that road accident and case got closed. Jatil starts investigating the death of Raghuveer’s first wife and her driver, and finds that another city’s police had reported a similar car and it was filed as hit and run case, leading him to tannery in Jajmau; which is run by a butcher but originally owned by Munna Raja.

Further investigation with family reveals that Karuna doesn’t like her aunt and her cousin’s interference since they are constantly eyeballing her. Later, Jatil finds a medical report and in the morning Chunni is found dead near the back stairs. He later fights with Narendra his colleague and openly tells the SSP that he will find the truth. Later he is attacked by the goons and calls Narendra for help but he ignores him but he tells him that he is going to arrest Radha, he immediately informs Radha to run but before she can run away Ravi chases her and she locks herself in a room but Jatil comes in time to take her away but goons continue to chase them, they catch the train and unknown to them one of the goons also catches the train. later in the night Radha wakes up to see Jatil missing she takes her knife with her, she finds Jatil being attacked by the Butcher working for Munna Raja, Both overpower him to throw him out of the train. they both reach Raghuveer’s Gwalior farmhouse.

During this Narendra Singh is investigating the murder of Chunni and forensics tells him about the dead skin found in her fingernails leading to man with burnt skin, he makes the report and goes to SSP but he sees the man having fingernail marks on burnt hand in the office of SSP with Munna Raja. He goes to Chunni’s grandmother and shows her the photo of the man. Also he informs him about all of this to Jatil, but in the meantime he finds a dupatta in Radha’s bag having the same bead he found earlier, he confronts her that she was in fact in the room and she lied, she confesses that she and Vikram had an affair and planned to elope with Vikram but he didn’t as he planned to marry MLA’s daughter, seeing this she got furious and called Vikram to come and talk, he returned as soon he dropped his fiancĂ©e and parked the card and without anyone noticing took the back stairs and confronted Radha. As she going to enter the room to tell Raghuveer about the affair, lights went out, she tells the truth and Chunni comes upstairs with the lamp, as electricity comes back they all find Raghuveer already dead, Vikram tells her to go downstairs and meanwhile Vikram tells Chunni to call on his cell from Raghuveer’s phone. After this while coming back she drops the lamp on the stairs and Vikram takes the backstairs and by main gate he asks the women to come to go for the temple. Later Jatil calls SSP that he has made Radha surrender in another police station.


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